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Tennis Antiques

1887 New England Championship Lawn Tennis Tournament Ticket.  This tournament was hosted by the New Haven Lawn Club, and was only the second year of the New England Championship tournament's existence.  This 1887 tournament was won by Hall of Fame Tennis player Henry Slocum, who would go on to become the U.S. Singles Champion in 1888 and 1889.  This ticket exhibits some stains on its reverse from scrapbook removal, but its front is in very strong condition.  A rare early piece of tennis ephemera.

Circa 1870's Tintype with Tennis Rackets shown.  The tintype has beautiful resolution, and the tennis players shown are wearing great period clothing.  Measures just over 3 by 5 inches and is housed in a period paper frame.  $100

1912 Pine Grove Springs Country Club pennant with an beautiful graphic of a young lady playing tennis at its left side.  Below the tennis player is the marking Spofford, New Hampshire, and on the white felt strip at the left margin of the pennant is the inscription July 1912.  The pennant measures 23 inches without its tassels.  A beautiful early country club pennant with a great tennis scene.

 Turn of the Ceutnry Draper and Maynard Tennis Racket.  The racket features a great D & M Dog logo.  The racket has some damage to some strings, but otherwise is in nice condition -  $60

Turn of the Century Tennis Racket Figural Pocket Mirror.  This well made mirror measures just under 4 inchs long, and has a very detailed design.  This little beauty appears to be German made, as it has D Hamburg on the handle on one side, and "Spiel Sport U. Sonne Auf See" on the neck of the racket on the mirror side.  There are also the letters H A P A G on the bottom of the racket handle on the mirror side.  The mirror is still present and uncracked.  This is a great little tennis figural piece, and it comes with a padded cloth bag (perhaps not original to the mirror) to store it in.   $140

Circa 1910 Spalding Tennis Racket.  The racket features a bold Spalding logo.  The racket has some damage to some strings, but otherwise is in nice condition -  $60

Turn of the Century Small Sized Hand Made Tennis Racket.  This well made small racket measures 6.5 inches long.  I am not sure if it was originally made as a salesman sample, a child's toy racket, perhaps a doll's racket, or for some other purpose, but regardless of its intended use it was very well made.  The original strings are all present, and this small racket is in very nice condition.  SOLD

Circa 1910 Wright & Ditson Championship model Tennis Racket with makers marks on both sides.  The racket has some damage to some strings, but otherwise is in nice condition $60

Circa 1880's Sterling Silver Tennis Racket Mechanical Pencil.  This beautiful small raquet is very attractive and detailed, and measures just under three inches long.  It is marked Sterling on one side fo the handle, and has three initials engraved on another side.  A small sliding mechanism allows the pencil mechanism to be emerged from the bottom of the racket handle.  This ornate pencil has a great flatheaded racket look and is a great early piece for tennis or pencil collectors.