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Rowing Items

Beautiful 1893 Yale University Varsity Crew Team Pach Brothers Imperial Sized Photograph.  The photograph is mounted on a black Pach Brothers board with some corner chipping.  The team is captained by the mustachioed Sherwood Bissell Ives who is seating 2nd from the right.  Other players on the team include Albert Leverett VanHuyck, who would die in a drowning accident working for the U.S. Engineering Corps in 1894, and coxswain Frederick Erskine Olmsted.  This is a larger sized photo measuring 14 inches wide by 11 inches tall.  A great early Yale University rowing photograph.

Yale University Class of 1879 Trophy Collection G.W. Pach Cabinet Photograph including many rowing regatta awards.  This fantastic photo shows the large collection of trophies, trophy footballs, and banners won by the Yale Class of 1879.  This is a standard sized cabinet card, measuring 6.5  by 4.25 inches, and was taken by G.W. Pach, who would later form the well known Pach Brothers photography studio.  A fantastic looking early Yale University Cabinet photo.

Spectacular 1899 Pach Brothers Advertising Photographic Calendar Cabinet Card featuring an image of Harvard Rower Stanley Hollister.  Stanley Hollister was a member of the 1895 and 1896 Harvard Varsity Crews, and was a member of Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders in the Spanish American War.  Hollister was next to Roosevelt at the charge of San Juan Hill of the Santiago Campaign, when he was hit in the chest by shell shrapnel.  (Roosevelt was also hit in the wrist with the same shrapnel).  Hollister, also shot in the leg during the same charge, made his way back to an American hospital, but while recovering from his wounds, he contracted Typhoid Fever and passed away.  This calendar was produced posthumously by Pach Brothers to honor the brave Harvard alumnus.  This calendar is standard cabinet card sized, measuring 6.5  by 4.25 inches, and has a period ink notation on its reverse reading:  A souvenir of Stanley Hollister who died in the Santiago Campaign.  I found with online research a period Harvard publication, mentioning this calendar, as well as one form 1898 made by Pach Brothers containing an image of Marshall Newell.  This Hollister calendar however, is the first I have seen of any of these Pach Brothers calendars.  This very rare Harvard piece of ephemera, is a great combination of sports photography and advertising.

1891 Henley Royal Regatta Rowing Program / Programme.  This early program features 10 pages, and is for the 3rd day of the Regatta and includes information and competitors for the finals of the following races: Grand Challenge Cup, Visitors Challenge Cup, Wyfold Challenge Cup, Ladies' Challenge Plate, The Silver Goblets, The Stewards Challenge Cup, The Thames Challenge Cup, and the Diamond Sculls.  The  program has some very minor paperloss on its back cover, and some scrapbook removal stains, but is otherwise in very nice condition.  This is the earliest Henley Royal Regatta I can find offered for sale.

1873 Yale University Rowing Trophy Cup Cabinet Photograph by Notman.  This photograph was discovered in a class of 1873 Yale photograph album.  The photo shows a stunning rowing trophy called the Southworth Cup.  The trophy is engraved as being won by Jas. W. Smith and presented by George and Mase Southworth.  Jas W. Smith was a 1873 graduate at Yale, and the trophy was awarded for winning a single skull race.  A fantastic looking cabinet photograph.
The below items have been sold.

19th Century Shield Shaped Tapestry made of Rowing Crew Award Silks sewn together.  The dates on the award silks ranges form 1875 to 1892, with most being from the early 1880s.  They seem to mostly be from the Michigan area, and I noticed the following Rowing Clubs:  The Detroit Boat Club, The Michigan Yacht Club, The Grand River Boat Club, and the Undine Boat Club.  The Undine Boat Club silk features a great graphic of rowers in their boat and dates to 1882.  The piece measures 28 inches long and 25 inches wide at its widest point.   This piece is very fragile, and has pieces of some ribbons worn away, or missing.  Still presents beautifully, and is a very unique rowing piece.

1871 to 1876 Yale University Student Scrapbook with large amount of Rowing Content.  This scrapbook is about 100 pages, with about 70 to 75 pages jam packed with various ephemera.  The best pieces from the book include several Intercollegiate Regatta Programs and Tickets, Yale University Boat Club Rowing Races Programs/Tickets, several Yale Athletic Association programs, a New York Athletic Club Track and Field event program, and several pieces of ephemera relating to the dedication of the Yale Navy's new boathouse in 1875.  In addition to great early sports content, the scrapbook is loaded with great early Yale ephemera in general, including beautiful diecut promenade programs, commencement programs, concert/play broadsides and tickets, fraternity songbooks, invitations, etc.  A great early scrapbook - I find something I missed everytime I look through it. 

1905 Crescent Boat Club 3 Handled SilverPlate Trophy.  The Crescent Boat Club was organized in 1867 and there boathouse is still present  on famous Boathouse Row in Philadelphia.  The trophy is about 7.5 inches tall and the cup not counting the three handles is about 6 inches wide.  Hallmark on bottom reading Caldwell & Co Philadelphia

Class of 1889 Yale University Crew team cabinet photograph.  This photo is an 8 by 10 inch cabinet photograph by the well-known Pach photography studio.  The photograph has beautiful resolution and clarity,  and just has a phenomenal look.  Great early rowing photo. 

Beautiful Large 1913 Harvard Rowing Association Figural Rowing Plaque by prestigious the Dieges & Clust company.  This attractive plaque features a brass relief scene mounted to a dark toned wood plaque measuring 22 inches tall by 17 inches wide.  The plaque has a beautiful scene of a well rendered oarsman rowing on the river, flanked by two mermaids holding intersecting oars and a wreath.  Above the rower are the initials HRA, with 1913, and Intermediate Double below.  The Dieges & Clust mark is at the bottom of the scene.  The back of the wood plaque has a period chain attached for hanging, as well as the name Joseph Richard Stapleton - Son of Emanuel Stapleton inscribed in pencil.  Beautifully decorative early rowing piece!

1907 Wellesley College Rowing "Float" Program.  The Float was a celebration, parade, and competition between all Wellesley's class Crew teams.    Sold.

Sterling Silver 1918 United States Naval Academy Rowing Trophy.  This trophy hails from the estate of William Richardson, who played football Navy form 1907 to 1910, then later coached both the football and crew teams.  The trophy measures 10 inches tall with an 8.5 inch width at the handles, and weighs 1 pound 1.8 ounces.  The trophy is engraved with the following:  American Rowing Association, Regatta, May 18 1918, Junior Collegiate Eight Oared Shells, Distance 2 Miles, Competed for by Navy, Won By Navy.  The base of the trophy has the hallmark of the Meriden Brittania Company of Connecticut, and is marked Sterling.  The back of the trophy has the engraved names and positions of all of the Navy rowers.  A beautiful early sterling silver Crew trophy.

1880 Yale University Crew Pach Bros Cabinet Photograph of H.W. Taft.  H.W. Taft was the brother of President Taft, and went onto to a renowned political career of his own.  The cabinet has an ornate G.W. Pach back.  Great early Yale Crew photo. 

1905 Wellesley College Rowing "Float" Ornate Program and Ticket.  The Float was a celebration, parade, and competition between all Wellesley's class Crew teams.    Sold.

Beautiful 1919 Peoples Victory Regatta of Philadelphia Vesper Boat Club Imperial Sized Rowing Photograph in original frame with bronze award plate.  This stunning crew photograph is housed in a attractive 21.5 by 18.5 inch heavy wood frame, with the visible photograph portion measuring 13.5 by 10.5 inches.  This piece was originally framed sans glass, and below the photograph is mounted a bronze plaque with the following inscription:  Peoples Victory Regatta, Philadelphia July 4 1919, Senior Quadruple Sculls Shells, Won by Vesper Boat Club.  The Vesper Boat Club is a Philadelphia boat club located on famous Boathouse Row, and famous Olympian, and father to Grace Kelly, John B. Kelly rowed for Vesper during the time of this regatta.  The photograph features great clarity, featuring 4 rowers sporting their Vesper uniforms, rowing with the boat filled Schuylkill River providing the backdrop.  A very attractive early rowing piece.

Circa 1886 Yale University Crew team cabinet photograph.  This photo is an 8 by 10 inch cabinet photograph by the well-known Pach photography studio.  The photograph has beautiful resolution and clarity,  and is a great find for a rowing enthusiast or Yale collector.

1892 Yale versus Harvard Regatta Intercollegiate Boat Race Rowing Program. This attractive program features an ornately decorated cover, and crossed Yale and Harvard silk pennants on its reverse.  This is a rather large program containing 10 double sided pages within its interior.  The pages include engraved images of Yale and Harvard Crew athletes, information about their respective teams, and history of the Yale-Harvard boat races.  There are also numerous advertisements.  The program has some paper loss its back cover, and a center fold line, but otherwise is in very nice condition.

1902 University of Pennsylvania Crew Ball Program.  The program retains its red and blue string decoration, and features a beautiful rowing illustration on its cover as well as a raised University of Pennsylvania seal.  The program is in very nice condition, but does have some paper adhered to its back page.

1905 Maddocks Sons Company Cornell University Rowing Graphic Football Shaped Stein.  One side of the stein has a Cornell University school crest, while the other side has a very attractive F. Earl Christy drawn rower wearing a Cornell University uniform.  The stein is marked Maddocks on its base, and there are no noticeable flaws on the stein.

1900 Cascadilla School of Ithaca, New York Rowing Crew Team Imperial Sized Framed Cabinet Photograph.  The Cascadilla School is a preparatory school for Cornell University.  This large photo is housed in its original wood frame which measures just under 22 by 18 inches.  The glass of this frame (if it was ever housed under glass) is missing.  The photograph features great clarity, and in the forefront of the photo a piece of rowing equipment is painted with "Cascadilla '00".  This photo came from the estate of Harold Grant Metcalf, who went onto to play football and baseball at Yale.  A great early rowing image.