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Antique Baseball Photographs

Circa Late 1890's Cuban X-Giants African American Negro League Baseball Player Cabinet Photograph.  The Cuban X-Giants were a Trenton, New Jersey based African American Professional baseball team.  The Cuban X-Giants team was formed in 1896, and played until 1907.  After ownership problems with the Cuban Giants African American baseball team resulted in a splintering of the roster, the competing Cuban X-Giants were formed.  The image measures approximately 4 by 6 inches, and its edges have been trimmed.  The player is posing with his bat, and is wearing a laceup style baseball jersey, with heavily quilted pants.  A fantastic and exceedingly rare very early African American baseball player photograph.

19th Century Album Page with 4 Baseball Related Tintypes.  The album page contains 4 sixth plate tintypes measuring 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches.  Two of the images show single players posing with baseball bats.  The other 2 images show a pair of players, and a single photo of one of the same players.  These 2 players are wearing an interesting style of uniform, that are a style known to have been worn by baseball players of the early 1870's.  I show 2 examples above of Ivy League baseball players wearing similar style jerseys.  The first is Thayer of Harvard (inventor of the catcher mask) and the 2nd is an 1870's Princeton player.   All of the tin types have excellent clarity and are in very nice condition.

Spectacular 1910 Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball Team Framed Panoramic Photograph with Honus Wagner.  This great image is housed in archival quality professional frame, with double matting.  The photograph shows the Pirates in their 1910 Cadet style jerseys, with Wagner appearing on the right side of the team photo.  The photograph does exhibit some foxing/older water damage at its lower margin, but still has a phenomenal look.  The frame measures 26 inches wide by 13 inches tall, with the visible portion of the photograph measuring 20 inches by 7.5 inches tall.  A great early Pirates team photo.

1881 Harvard University Baseball Team Albumen Photograph.  This is a very early Harvard Baseball image, and is only a few years after the catcher's mask was invented at Harvard by Fred Thayer in 1878.  There is an early catcher mask on display in the photo (perhaps a Thayer style?)  This photo measures 9.5 inches by 7 inches, and has rounded corners.  A rare early Harvard baseball image.

Antique 19th Century Baseball Player Tin Type Photograph in its original Union Case.  This is a 1/6 plate tintype measuring 3.25 by 2.75 inches.  The tintype includes a clear image of a baseball player in a collared baseball jersey with a C across his chest, holding what looks like a concealed baseball in his hands.  The thermoplastic case features its original working hinge, and velvet lining.  A fantastic 19th century baseball photograph.

Joe DiMaggio's Personally Owned 1930's photographic die cut display piece made by noted photographer George Burke.  The piece stands 8.5 inches tall, and was mounted to wooden base by Burke.  This piece was originally sold as part of the DiMaggio collection by Hunt Auctions, and features a DiMaggio collection sticker on the underside of its base.  The image pictures DiMaggio in a classic batting stance mounted on a die cut wooden backing.  The die cut can be seen in the above image displayed on a table in the DiMaggio home.  The piece does feature a period repair at the ankle area, but is in otherwise excellent condition.  A great looking vintage Yankee piece, that was once proudly displayed by the Yankee Clipper himself.

1893 Union College of Schenectady, New York Imperial Sized Baseball Team Photograph.  This is a very large photo measuring 16 inches wide by 11 inches tall.  The players are identified in pencil on the reverse, and the team includes major league player Seth Sigsby.  After graduating from Union, Sigsby would play for the New York Giants during the 1893 season.  The photograph features a good deal of foxing, but overall has very nice clarity.  Two Spalding bats are on display, as is a inflatable catcher's chest protector emblazoned with the year 1893.  Several early gloves are also on display.  A great early baseball team photograph.


Circa 1900 Wisconsin area Baseball Team Cabinet Photograph with photograph of Champion pennant also attached to photo mount.  The board of this attractive photograph measures 14 by 11 inches, and has some chipping at a couple of the corners.  There is a Whitewater, Wisconsin embossed photographer's mark that appears to read Ralph.  The team features button up style jerseys, with PHS on their chest.  Below the team photo portion, is a mounted photograph of a pennant that reads: Dulac League Champions.  Overall a very attractive turn of the century baseball photograph.

1928 Philadelphia Athletics Type 1 Press Photograph showing Ty Cobb and Tris Speaker excitedly waiting to greet Joe Hauser about to cross home plate.  The back of the photograph has a May 11, 1928 stamping, as well as an applied photograph description.  The photograph measures 10 by 8 inches.  $200.00

1904 Brandywine Baseball Club Photographic Display Advertising piece.  The team in the photo is described as Chester County Champions, and the players are identified.  This piece is moderately heavy paper stock, and it is an advertising piece for a West Chester Sporting Goods Dealer A. Henry.  Attractive piece which measures approximately 11 by 14 inches.

Circa 1900 Brandywine Baseball team Cabinet photo with West Chester PA Photographer mark.  This photo has stunning clarity and resolution.  The players are displaying great equipment including Pillbox caps, early gloves, a ring bat, and an early baseball.  Most of the players have Brandywine on their chest, while a couple of have Normal on their chest (likely West Chester University jerseys, as it was original a Normal School).  This great looking photo measures approximately 8 by 10 inches.

Circa 1900 Pittsburgh area Baseball team Cabinet Photo with MNB on there jerseys.  Their is an R.W. Johnston Photographer mark; Johnston was a very prestigious photographer in the Pittsburgh area, having done alot of photography work for the Pittsburgh Pirates. The photo is mounted to a board, with its original matt board on top (not attached), with a total size of 18 inches by 13.5 inches.  The actual photo area is 13 by 8.5 inches.  A large sized photo with great clarity, with an abundance of early equipment displayed.

1915 Dauphin-Perry League Champions Baseball Team Cabinet Photograph.  Dauphin and Perry Counties are located in central Pennsylvania, and this team is believed to be Minersville, who was in the Dauphin-Perry League.  The photograph shows a baseball team clad with M on their uniforms, displaying a very large Champions pennant.  The photograph is mounted to a board which measures 10 by 8 inches.  Neat early photo.

Imperial sized Circa 1890's Baseball Team Cabinet photo with BPC on their uniforms.  The board of this giant photo measures 20 inches by 16 inches, with the photo measuring 13.5 by 10.5 inches.  There is a Purdy of Boston Photography mark at the lower left corner.  There is exceptional equipment display including a Spalding ring bat, and inflatable chest protector, and an early catcher mask.  This Imperial sized photo has a great look.
The below photos have been sold.

1913-1914 Euchee Indian Boarding School Baseball Team Cabinet photograph.  The board of this photo measures 12 by 10 inches, and the photo has great clarity.  The team and all its players are identified on back in period ink, and a portion of a commencement exercise program for the school is attached to the back as well.  This school was located in Oklahoma, and was similarly run as the Carlisle Indian School.  Great early Native American Baseball Photograph.

Great 1886 Yale University  Baseball team cabinet photograph with football legend Amos Alonzo Stagg at the far left of the photograph.  This photo is an 8 by 10 inch cabinet photograph by the well-known Pach photography studio.  The photograph has beautiful resolution and clarity, and features a large amount of great equipment including ring bats, bib front jerseys, and vertically striped jackets.  A great early Yale photo that is also a rare early image of the legendary Stagg.

Framed Composite Display of 6 1890's Yale University Baseball Players Cabinet Photographs.  This beautiful framed display measures 22 inches by 18 inches, in an original period wood frame.  Custom matted inside the frame are 6 Yale baseball player cabinet photos; with each of the players sporting quilted baseball pants.  Very attractive display, that has been archivally framed in acid free fashion.  Great early Yale baseball display.

Beautiful Late 1860's or Early 1870's Colorized Baseball Player Carte de Visite Photograph.  This photo shows a player adorned in a very nice bib front uniform with what appears to be an old english style S decorating it.  The player is holding a very long straight tapered style bat.  The back of the photo has the photographer info of Wm. Roads of Charlottsville Virginia.  Roads was known to do photography work for the University of Virginia, however the team this player played for is a mystery to me.  The player is identified on the back of the CDV as Willie van Slooten.  The CDV measures 4 by 2.5 inches, and features very attractive red color embellishments likely done by the photographer.  Great early baseball CDV.

Circa 1903 Yale University Baseball Team Cabinet Photograph in its original frame.  The photo came from the estate of Harold Grand Metcalf who was a 1904 graduate of Yale.  The photograph was taken by the famous Ivy League Photographer Pach Bros, and is housed in its original frame which measures 18.5 inches by 15.5 inches.  Very attractive early Yale baseball photo.

1891 Yale University Varsity Baseball Team Albumen Photograph with "Bum" McClung.  Lee
Bum" McClung was probably the best and most popular football player in the country during his time at Yale, and he also played baseball at Yale; he is shown in the striped jacket above.  McClung was elected to the college football hall of fame, but he earned more national prominence when he was appointed to the position of the Treasurer of the US by President Taft in 1909.  In addition to McClung, included in this photo (for those interested in medical history) is Harvey Cushing (3rd player from right in back row).  Cushing was one of the most prominent neurosurgeons at the turn of the century, and went on to discover his namesake Cushing's disease.  This great photo measures 7 inches by 9 inches and does have a very minor amount of white residue on the right edge.  Great early Yale photo with beautiful clarity.

Circa 1870's Baseball Player Tintype.  This tin type measures 2.5 by 3.5 inches, and is in excellent condition.  There is no fading to the image, and it retains a very nice clarity.  The player is shown wearing a baseball style belt, and a pillbox style cap.

1903 Yale University Athletic Team Captains Pach Bros Cabinet Photograph in its original frame. This photograph came from the estate of Harold Metcalf who was a College All American for Yale in 1902 and 1903. The photo shows 4 of Yale's Athletic Captains including football, baseball, track and rowing, with 1903 football team Captain Charles Rafferty shown. The photograph was taken by the famous Ivy League Photographer Pach Bros, and is housed in its original frame which measures 18.5 inches by 15.5 inches. Very attractive early Yale photo.

Yale University Class of 1886 Baseball team cabinet photograph.  This photo is an 8 by 10 inch cabinet photograph by the well-known Pach photography studio.  This great image features players displaying various early equipment including ring bats, bib front jerseys, and a great early catcher's mask.  A great early Yale photo.

Outstanding 1910 to 1911 Centre College of Danville Kentucky Panoramic Style frame with Basketball, Football and Baseball team photos.  This is a large framed piece measuring just over 32 inches long by 12 inches tall.  The frame holds photos of the 1911 Centre Basketball with Captain W. Seelbach, the 1910 Centre Football team with captain L. Weelbach and Coach Banks, and the 1910 Centre Baseball team with Captain Vinson and Coach Banks.  There is an embossed photographers mark on the board reading E.H. Cassaday, Danville, KY.  These photos predate the Centre College Legend Bo McMillin by about 5 years.  The basketball team dons C on their sleeveless jerseys, and are wearing longer football style pants which was the standard at that time.  The baseball team is wearing cadet style jerseys with C on their shoulders, and some of the players are wearing beautiful double button jackets decorated with same C.   I will include images from period Centre College yearbooks, which have all of the players identified.  A fantastic framed trio of Centre College sports photographs.

Very Large 1908 Bloomsburg State Normal School (now Bloomsburg University) Baseball Team Cabinet photograph in its original frame.  The frame of this imperial sized photo measures 19 inches by 16 inches.  The team is posed with its BSNS pennant, and the catcher's mitt has '08 marked in photographers ink.  Very attractive baseball early team photo.

Early 1890's Baseball Team Cabinet Photograph with multiple workman style gloves on display.  This attractive photo is on a board which measures 12 by 10 inches.  The team is posed in front of a patriotic backdrop, and each of the players is sporting a turtleneck sweater with H on the chest.  Three of the players are wearing webless workman style gloves, and 2 large bats are on display, including one which appears to have a Reach maker's mark.  The photograph has fantastic clarity, and is just a fantastic early baseball team photo.

Circa 1902 Yale University Baseball Team Cabinet Photograph in its original frame.  The photo came from the estate of Harold Grand Metcalf who was a 1904 graduate of Yale.  The players are wearing a myriad of Yale jerseys and sweaters, some just showing the Yale Y, some with YALE  across their chest, some with Yale 2nd, and another player with 1902 on his jersey.  The photograph was taken by the famous Ivy League Photographer Pach Bros, and is housed in its original frame which measures 18.5 inches by 15.5 inches.  Very attractive early Yale baseball photo.

1890's Pittsburgh Area Young Americans Baseball Club Player Cabinet Photo with Impeccable Clarity.  This is a standard sized cabinet card measuring 4.5 by 6.5 inches, and bears the photographer marking for Javens Elite Studio of Pittsburgh PA.  Research shows that the Young Americans Baseball club was a team out of Braddock, PA (a Pittsburgh suburb), and they were a member of the Monongahela Baseball League.  This photo has unmatched clarity, and the player is wearing a pilllbox cap, a collared jersey with sleeve extenders, and quilted pants.  A beautiful early Pittsburgh area baseball photo.

Beautiful Circa 1900 Yale University Baseball Action Stadium Scene Panoramic Photograph in its original frame.  The photo feature a baseball game in progress, being played in front of jam packed grandstands.  Their is a Yale flag flying above the stadium, and under magnification Yale can be discerned on at least one jersey.  In the left foreground of the stands, a large grouping of fans are clad in prison outfits.  Behind this group of fans are two signs that read 86, and 86's.  I believe this is an alumni reunion group, as it was customary for Yale alumni to dress up in matching outfits for such reunions.  The photograph and frame measures 38 inches wide by 16 inches tall, and the photo appears to have been framed originally without any glass.  The frame has all of its original wooden backing, and the lower right corner of the photograph has the mark Pictorial News Co New York.  Overall this is just a fantastic action baseball panoramic photograph. Sold

1919 Aero Squadron Champion Baseball Team of Camp Morrison Virginia Photographic Tin or Celluloid display piece.  This beautiful piece measures 9.5 inches by 7 inches, and features a very detailed photograph printed on a hanging display made of either a metal like tin or celluloid.  the team features a young African American child mascot, and is posed with 2 ornately decorated Championship banners and a large loving cup trophy.  Beautiful WWI era baseball display piece.

Circa 1903 Yale University Baseball Team Cabinet Photograph in its original frame.  The photo came from the estate of Harold Grand Metcalf who was a 1904 graduate of Yale.  The photograph was taken by the famous Ivy League Photographer Pach Bros, and is housed in its original frame which measures 18.5 inches by 15.5 inches.  Very attractive early Yale baseball photo.

Circa 1904 Yale University Baseball Team Cabinet Photograph in its original frame.  The photo came from the estate of Harold Grand Metcalf who was a 1904 graduate of Yale.   Metcalf is shown as the player in the black sweater at the far right in the close-up image above.  The photograph was taken by the famous Ivy League Photographer Pach Bros, and is housed in its original frame which measures 18.5 inches by 15.5 inches.  Very attractive early Yale baseball photo.

1925 Washington Nationals American League Champions Original Photograph.  This is a slightly different version than another known example of this photo that came from the Walter Johnson estate, and this one was likely taken seconds before or after that photograph, given the slight differences.  The photograph includes the Big Train Walter Johnson in the middle row, and shortstop Buddy Myer appears to have autographed his photo in period ink.  The photo measures 11 by 7 inches, and has a blank back.   There are four moderate creases present (possibly from rolling at some point), and there is some small areas of paper loss; mostly at the corners.  Despite these flaws, this is a fantastic photo of a great team that nearly claimed back to back championships, only to fall in game 7 of the 1925 World Series.  No Longer Available.

Circa 1890 Bethany College Baseball team Cabinet photo.  There is a nice variety of early equipment on display in the photo including pillbox caps, ring bats, an unopened baseball box, and a spiderman style catcher's mask.  The photo measures 10 by 7 inches, on a larger board (which has significant chipping).  Great looking early photo.  INV#0234 

Circa 1900 Cascadilla School of Ithaca, New York Baseball Team Imperial Sized Framed Cabinet Photograph.  The Cascadilla School is a preparatory school for Cornell University.  This large photo is housed in its original wood frame which measures just under 22 by 18 inches.   The photograph features great clarity.  This photo came from the estate of Harold Grant Metcalf, who went onto to play football and baseball at Yale.  A very attractive early baseball photo.

1888 Pittsfield New Hampshire Baseball Team Cabinet Photo with a great leather tipped workman glove and a fingerless glove on prominent display.  The photograph shows the team, all with their bib front style jerseys, which have Pittsfield sewn across the front.  On the bottom of the image is the following inscription in photographers ink: "88" Pittsfields "89".  In addition to the 2 fantastic gloves, there is also a cap, catcher's mask, and chest protector on display.  The photo is in fantastic condition with excellent clarity.

1926 Philadelphia Athletics Team Cabinet Photo taken prior to a Milford Delaware Hospital Fund Benefit Game.  The photo is mounted to a board measuring 11.5 by 9 inches.  The photo features the 1926 A's including Jimmy Foxx, Lefty Grove, Mickey Cochrane, Al Simmons, and Connie Mack, and half of the players have a sash attached to their chest reading Milford.  The back-story to this photograph is as follows; Dr. Walter Grier, a dentist from Milford, Delaware was friends with Connie Mack, and when Mickey Cochrane was sidelined with a tooth abscess, Grier successfully treated him, and offered his services to the rest of the team.  As a thank you, Connie Mack brought the Athletics to Milford in June of 1926 to play in a benefit game to help fund a new hospital.  The Athletics played against each other, with half of the players donning Milford across their chest.  A great photograph packed with Philadelphia A's Baseball legends.

Harvard University Class of 1889 Baseball Team Imperial Sized Pach Brothers Framed Photograph.  This is a very large imperial sized photograph, with its frame measuring 22.75 inches wide by 18.75 inches tall.  The photograph's board features Pach Brothers photographer's markings, as well as inked identification of all of the players as well as the manager and scorer.  The catcher proudly displaying his early style mask is identified as Henshaw, who went on to captain the 1888 Harvard varsity team.  Some great early equipment is on display including the early catcher's mask, several early ring bats, and a nice twine or leather gripped bat.  The photograph is housed in a nice period frame.  The photograph exhibits some foxing, as well as a diagonal discolored area in the lower left corner.  Overall a very attractive large sized early Ivy League baseball team photograph.