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Antique Baseball Uniforms and Equipment

Circa 1900 Arthur Johnson Brand Pillbox Style Baseball Cap used by an Ursinus College baseball player.  Pillbox style baseball caps are exceedingly rare, and this is the first of its style that I've encountered that retained its manufacturer tagging.  The cap is a tan color, with black striping encircling it twice, with a black button upon top.  This cap originated from a great estate find of sports equipment all used by an Ursinus College athlete - the equipment was located in a trunk freshly pulled from an attic shortly before the sale.  The cap features an Arthur Johnson Athletic Supplies cloth tag within its interior.  The cap has some obvious condition issues, including loss of some of the black striping (mostly confined to the back of the cap) as well as some loss of the exterior cloth of the cap (especially evident on a few areas of the bill of the cap revealing the woven fiber support of the bill below).  Below is an image of a turn of the century Ursinus baseball team, showing them all wearing the identical style pillbox cap.  This is an attractive pillbox cap with a great college baseball provenance.

Circa 1942 Original All American Girl's Softball League Full Uniform.  This uniform is from the league that was the basis of the film "A League of their Own."  This league was founded by Phillip Wrigley in 1942 as a substitute for men's professional baseball with the advent of WWII.  The league was only called AA GSBL in 1942, with Wrigley renaming the league the All-American Girls' Professional Ball League, to de-emphasize the term softball.  The uniform consists of a button up jersey with a beautifully painted league shield, and a matching skirt.  The back of the jersey has a painted on number 26.  Relics from this league are very hard to come by, and this uniform is a fantastic piece of women's sports memorabilia.

Immaculate Circa 1920's Horace Partridge Boston University Full Baseball Uniform including jersey, pants, cap, and stirrup socks.  The jersey and pants each have Horace Partridge tags on the inside.  All of the items are in beautiful condition, with the only flaw worth mentioning is the missing top 2 buttons on the jersey.  The jersey features vibrant red Boston University lettering, and a 6 on the back.  With the immaculate condition of the leather head band of the cap, it is likely that this entire uniform was never worn.  Beautiful early full Horace Partridge uniform.

Circa 1920 Schmelzers Sporting Goods of Kansas City Full Sun collar Style Baseball Uniform.  This attractive full uniform features navy and gold pinstriping.  Both the jersey and pants have a sewn in Schmelzer's tagging, and while neither have a size tag, both appear to be of a larger size.  The jersey has a navy blue O on the left breast area.  There are a couple of small mothholes present, but overall it is in very nice condition.  A great looking early uniform for a seldom seen maker.

Circa 1920 Temple University Spalding Full Sun Collar Style Baseball Uniform.  Both the button up jersey and pants feature Spalding cloth tags, with the jersey being a size 40 and the pants being a large size 38.  The jersey has felt lettering across the chest, and retains all of its buttons.  Both the jersey and pants are in great condition, and the pants have been cut down slightly in terms of length.  The pants have retained their original belt which has faded to a pinkish color.

Circa 1905 Yale University Athletic Association Short Bill Baseball Cap.  This cap came from the estate of George Mills Harris, a 1905 graduate of Yale University.  The cap features no makers marks, but it is undoubtedly a Spalding as the estate included another identical cap with Spalding markings.  The cap is in beautiful seemingly unworn condition, with no mothholes present, and its leather band is still soft and flexible.  It features white embroidered lettering on the forehead region, with the lettering YUAA.  Great looking cap in beautiful condition.

Very Attractive Circa 1910 Short Billed Pinstriped Baseball Cap.  The cap does exhibit some use, with wear to the leather interior band.  The cap features an attractive white or cream color, with a maroon and blue pinstriping. 

Beautiful Circa 1920's Short Billed Baseball Cap.  This attractive cap features a red brim and red pinstriping.  The leather liner of this cap is still soft and supple, and this cap appears to have been barely used.   A very attractive early baseball cap.
$200.00 - On Hold

Very Attractive Circa 1910 Short Billed Blue Pinstriped Baseball Cap.  This cap originated with a Draper and Maynard uniform, and although a maker tag is no longer present, I do believe it is a D&M cap.  The cap does exhibit a fair amount of use, with wear to the leather interior band.  The cap features a navy blue bill, and raised in texture navy blue pinstriping. 

Circa 1920 Cressona Sun Collar Style Pull Over Baseball Jersey.  This jersey is composed of heavy wool, and features blue pin striping, lettering, sleeve cuffs and sun collar.  The jersey also sports a diamond shaped CT patch on the left shoulder.  The jersey is missing its manufacturer tagging (the stitching remnants are still present).  The jersey is missing one button, but is in otherwise beautiful condition.

Circa 1920 New Salem PA Full Uniform with 3/4 Length sleeve sun collar jersey.  This attractive uniform includes the jersey, a matching pair of pants, and 1 matching sock.  The jersey was made by Cohen Bros of York, PA, and the pants by Werr & Wolfe, also of York, PA.  The jersey retains all of its buttons, and has remnants of a number that was once on its back.  A very attractive uniform.

Circa 1930's Hill School Full Dodge Davis Flannels Baseball Uniform.  The Hill School is a very prestigious college preparatory school in Pottstown PA.  This uniform features matching jersey and pants, both of which are in very nice condition.  The jersey features an early style Dodge Davis tagging, and has HILL in blue lettering across the chest, with number 37 on the back.  Nice early uniform.

Circa 1920 Yale Brand Catcher's Mask.  This attractive mask features an embossed Yale Mark on its Sun Visor.  All of the straps and connections have survived, and its padding is in very nice condition.  Nice early mask from a rare maker.

Circa 1920's Fiber Type Catcher Shin Guards.  These attractive shin guards feature fiber protection to the shin areas, with leather strapping in the interior, and the padded areas have horsehair padding inside (visible in one area where there is a small tear.)  Overall in nice condition and an attractive set of shinguards.

Early 1960's Philadelphia Phillies Empire Brand Child's Full Baseball Uniform.  This attractive early Phillies piece features vibrant red pinstriping and lettering.  $130.00

Circa 1930 Penn State / Pennsylvania State College Honus Wagner Brand Baseball Jersey.  The jersey features the Honus Wagner sporting goods cloth tag, and is a size 44.  Attractive early Penn State baseball piece.

Circa 1920's Mitchell & Ness Full Sun Collar Style Baseball uniform that originated from a Bridgeton NJ estate.  The jersey features Mitchell & Ness tagging in the neck, and comes with matching pants that feature a maroon pinstripe on their sides.  The uniform has some moderate soiling, but has not been cleaned in any way.  Very early Mitchell & Ness uniform with a great look.

Circa 1910 Attractive Baseball Cap with JB on forehead area.  This attractive charcoal grey cap has a lot of wear, but displays nicely, and has a great turn of the century look.  The front has a felt J and B, with the bottom portion of the J missing.  The cap resembles Spalding caps from the era that I've handled, but the leather band, where the Spalding mark typically is, has a lot of wear.  Attractive early baseball cap.

Circa 1930 Spalding Sun Collar Style Baseball Jersey.  The jersey features an ornate W on the left chest, and felt Guernsey Drugs advertising on back.  This jersey is in very nice condition, with the only flaws being some mild staining and two missing buttons.

Circa Mid to Late 1920's Mitchell & Ness Ursinus College Baseball Jersey.  This jersey dates to the early dates of Mitchell & Ness; to the times when they got their start in the uniform business, making them for Philadelphia area schools and colleges.  This is a very large sized 46 jersey, and has the Mitchell & Ness tag at its neck area.  The jersey is a light red color, with a black U on the left shoulder.  There is also a number 11 stenciled on the reverse.  Attractive early Ursinus College jersey.

Circa 1930's M&H Sporting Goods Yanks Full Baseball Uniform with their original socks.  The uniform has M& H Sporting Goods of Philadelphia tagging, and features a red Yanks across the chest.  The pants retain their original belt.  Neat looking uniform.

Circa 1911 to 1913 Spalding Cadet Collar Baseball jersey that originated from a Bridgeton NJ estate.  This jersey has nice pin striping, and features a diamond shaped B logo applied to the left shoulder area.  A very attractive early Spalding jersey.

19th century Williams College Short Billed Oversized Button College/Baseball Cap.  Despite its obvious age, the cap is in stunning condition, with no rips or tears, and retains its original leather binding.  On the leather binding, there is a gold colored marking reading: House of Walsh Williams College.  The House of Walsh is/was a clothing store very close to Williams College.  This interesting cap is made of a black material, with a very large purple button on top.  Interesting early Williams College piece.

Circa 1920's Swedesboro NJ Spalding Baseball Pull over Sun Collar style jersey.  The jersey features a cloth Spalding tag in the neck area that has suffered some fraying.  Attractive 1920's jersey.

Circa 1930's House of David Horace Partridge brand pinstriped baseball uniform.  This uniform has been confirmed by the House of David museum of Benton Harbor Michigan as being a 1935 House of David West Coast barnstorming team uniform.  To quote the museum director, the west coast traveling team "featured some of the roughest, toughest players ever from the H of D"  The jersey features a bold Horace Partridge maker tag, and is in excellent condition, with the front tail being cut shorter than the back tail by a couple of inches.  A great looking early uniform, with a neat House of David connection. 

Circa 1860's to 1870's Bib Front Lightweight wool Baseball Sweater.  This sweater has a beautiful red color, and features a bib front with all of its original mother of pearl style buttons still in place.  This style of sweater was worn by both baseball players and fire fighters during the mid 19th century, but this sweater was purchased with an early hybrid style lemon peel baseball.  There is no way to say for certain however if its original use was for baseball or firefighting.  These bib front sweaters are nearly impossible to find, and this one has an outstanding look.

Circa 1920's Brown University Baseball pants made by the Tim McAuliffe Athletic Manufacturer of Boston Mass.  These are large pants - marked size 36.  Evidence of use and some dirt staining is apparent.

Circa 1914 to 1920 Spalding Full Baseball Uniform including Sun Collar Button Down Pull over 3/4 length sleeve Baseball wool jersey with matching pants, cap, and socks/stirrups.  The jersey, pants, and cap all have Spalding tagging.  This set all came from the same estate, and the uniform is in phenomenal seemingly unworn condition.  There is not a single noticeable flaw in any of the pieces.  This uniform would look amazing on a mannequin and be an outstanding addition to any baseball collection.

Circa 1905 Yale University Athletic Association Beanie Style Cap.  This cap came from the estate of George Mills Harris, a 1905 graduate of Yale University.  The cap features a silk lining with a large silver Spalding trademark present.   The cap does have a tear to the silk lining at the front area, but other than that the cap is in beautiful condition.  It features white embroidered lettering on the forehead region, with the lettering YUAA.  Great looking cap.

Circa 1950 Geneva Reds Dodge Davis Flannels Full Baseball uniform.  The jersey features pink (faded red) Geneva Reds across the chest in script, with a pink number 8 on the back.  Also on the left shoulder is a circular 8 patch.  The jersey has a Dodge Davis Flannels tag at its tail.  The uniform very well could originate from the Geneva Redlegs Cincinnati Reds minor league affiliate team from 1958 to 1962.  Baseball legends such as Tony Perez and Pete Rose spent time with Geneva.  I was unable to unearth any team photos of the Geneva Redlegs, so I am merely selling it as an attractive early uniform; the possible Geneva connection will be a bonus to the buyer.

1908 Short Billed Baseball Cap.  This cap features navy blue cloth, with silver or white 1908 embroidered on the forehead region.  The cap does show some wear, and had a few mothholes, but overall is in strong condition for its age, and displays very well.  Great looking early cap.  Sold.

Circa 1900 Baseball Field Line Marker.  This great early rustic piece features a round metal canister that when rolled, white marking powder will fall to the ground via small fenestrations.  The canister features a latched opening on one side, through which new powder can be added.  This piece shows great age, with rusting and pitting to the metal components and the wood also shows a great patina.  The piece measures 47 inches tall, with the metal canister having a diameter of 15 inches, with a 5 inch width.  Overall an attractive turn of the century piece.

Circa late 1890's Lace up Style Baseball Full Uniform.  This uniform originated from a Bremen Indiana estate, and both pieces have the name Ed Yost identified on the interior with very oxidized brown ink.  The jersey is made of a very heavy material, and features a partially moth-eaten light blue felt BREMEN across the chest.  Rather than the later button up style jerseys, this jersey is the earlier and much rarer lace up style, retaining its original lacing.  The pants are a very large size, but had a period (removable) hem to make them a little smaller .  Despite this hem they are still a large size.  Both the jersey and the pants have some moderate staining in areas, and the pants have some repairs as well.  These lace up style baseball uniforms are exceedingly rare.

Attractive Circa 1918 to 1927 Victor Wright & Ditson Full Baseball Uniform.  Both jersey and pants features VWD tagging, and the jersey has 3/4 length sleeves.  Both pieces feature matching purple pinstriping, and the jersey has Old English Style BG on the left chest.  Perhaps Bowling Green?  The uniform is in beautiful condition, with the only flaw being a small tear on the back of the jersey in the portion that would be tucked inside the pants.  Attractive early uniform from a short lived maker.  Sold.

Circa 1910 Newport AC Wool Pinstriped Baseball Jersey with accompanying matching cap.  This is a high quality jersey, with green pin striping, lettering, sun collar, and sleeve cuffs.  The manufacturer tag is missing (the stitching remnants are still present), but its look is very reminiscent of early Draper & Mayard uniforms.  The green short billed baseball cap came with uniform, and has a Montgomery & Co, Bellefonte, State College manufacturer stamping.  The uniform is in overall very nice condition with the occasional minor stain being present, and it has retained all of its buttons and has no rips or tears.  Overall a very attractive early uniform. 

Extremely Scarce Circa 1880's Early Thayer Style Catcher's mask.  This style of mask was invented and patented by the Captain of the 1877 Harvard baseball team Fred Thayer, and was the first catcher's mask of any style to be worn by baseball catchers.  Spalding would produce their version of this style mask in the 1880's, only to be sued by Fred Thayer in 1886.  This mask like the few other Thayer examples that exist, features a vertical bar running down the center of the mask, with leather forehead and chin pads.  This mask has a length of 9 3/4 inches and a wide of 7 1/2 inches.  The mask miraculously has retained its forehead and chin padding, which are horsehair stuffed.  Each of these pads has missing portion of leather, but it is a miracle they have survived at all.  The mask does not have its original padding that would wrap, likely in canvas, the periphery of the helmet.  The leather strap that can be seen in photos was added at a later date.  The The mask appears to have some later turn of the century added solder to provide stability a handful of the joints.  This rare 19th century mask is the first of its type I have encountered and would make a fabulous addition to any early baseball equipment collection.

Circa 1895 to 1900 National Sporting Goods Brand Bead Welded Heavy Gauge Spiderman Style Catchers Mask.  This great mask features a leather sun visor, and retains all of its original lacing and strapping.  The mask features 6 large bead welds, which is a seldom seen trait on early catcher's masks.  This great turn of the century mask features a National Sporting Goods of St Louis makers mark on the front of the sun visor.  Red paint was applied to the top of the makers mark, but the mark is still very legible; more so than the flash of my photograph reveals.  Overall, this late 19th century baseball relic has a phenomenal look, and masks with bead welding are very hard to find.

Circa 1920 Spalding Diamond Spitter Style Heavy Gauge Catcher's Mask.  This attractive mask features the double diamond style spitter, and is made of a very heavy gauge iron.  It retains all of its original straps and connections with its original Spalding tag, and all of its heavy padding is in very nice condition.  Rare early style of Spalding Catcher's mask. 

Circa 1890's Auburn High School Baseball Cap.  This cap came from the estate of Harold Grant Metcalf, who was a Yale baseball player from 1901 to 1904.  Prior to Yale, Metcalf attended Auburn High School in Auburn NY, graduating in 1899.  This is the cap from his Auburn baseball playing days.  The cap is a deep red color, with embroidered A on the forehead region, with a circular area on the brim.  The cap is in strong condition, even retaining all of its silk lining, and the only noticeable flaws are a couple of  very minor moth holes.  Metcalf inked his name on the interior, and their are remnants of a makers mark at the center lining of the cap; other caps from the estate had a similar silver mark present, which was a Spalding mark.  The Spalding mark is not legible in this cap, but it is my guess that it is also a Spalding.  Attractive 19th century baseball cap.

Very Attractive Circa 1920's Spalding Brand Baseball Wool Jersey.  This attractive jersey features an orange sewn in Spalding tag in the neck area.  The jersey is composed of grey wool with green pinstriping, and a pink (or faded red) old english style W on the chest area.  The jersey features 3/4 length sleeves, and is overall a very attractive early jersey.