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FEATURED ITEMS FOR SALE (See above link for all items for sale) 

Stunning 1916 Dieges & Clust Made Figural Baseball Plaque with great Baseball Batter decoration.

Beautiful Turn of the Century A.J. Reach Scout League Model 9B Undersized Baseball Unopened in its Sealed original Reach Box.   $1200.00

Stunning Mint Condition Fred Kail Large Sized Three Point Stance Philadelphia Eagles Statue.  $500.00

Beautiful Circa 1910 Spalding Moleskin and Leather  Flattop Football Helmet.   INV#0449

Exceptional 1880's Spalding Willow Fancy Black Decal Ring Bat with period twine grip applied. 

Early 1890's Blunt Nosed Buckskin Leather Melon Football.   Sold.

Beautiful 1925-26 Basketball Figural Trophy by Wallace Bros.  The Trophy has the engraving Niagara AC Champions City League 1925 1926 YMCA Basketball.   Sold.

Spectacular Very Large 1923 Figural Baseball Trophy.  Sold.

1888 Bob Caruthers Scrapps Diecut card.  Beautiful vibrant colors and condition - Graded 30 by SGC - this scan is prior to grading, but image of it graded is on the baseball memorabilia page.   $400 

1897 Princeton versus Cornell Painted Figure Eight Style Trophy Baseball.  INV#0376

Great 1886 Yale University  Baseball team cabinet photograph with football legend Amos Alonzo Stagg.  Sold.

1900 Beautiful Melon Football Shaped Diecut Football Team Photograph.  Sold.

Circa 1920's to 1930's Chicago Cubs 3/4 Sized Pennant.   Sold.

Massive Sized Circa 1910 Syracuse University 2 Piece Construction Pennant.  $175.00

Circa 1930's Very Rare Early Chicago Blackhawks NHL Hockey Pennant.   $450.00

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